Plumbing Disasters Can Create Huge Cleanup Problems

What many home owners are unaware of is how a simple broken pipe can well be the cause of a plumbing disaster waiting to happen. Not only can it cause major damages to your plumbing system but also to your house in case the breakage gets worse and begins to spew water and other waste material all over, destroying your interiors, furniture and other household items. And not only are plumbing disasters messy, the cost to repair and revamp everything is usually a huge crunch on your pockets, not to mention the pain of having to deal with sewer wastes.

Leaks and breaks in your plumbing system can be caused due to various reasons causing internal flooding and catastrophic damage to your home especially if the damage occurs when no one is at home. Imagine having to come back from a trip to a flooded house. And just because there’s a tiny fissure in one of the pipes or even if you see the plumbing system looking fine it is always better to check for minor issues that may well be disastrous when left unchecked. One of the main reasons for pipe bursting is due to corrosion.

Metal pipes corrode easily due to age, as do plastic pipes that tend to crack. When water freezes it expands and because it happens inside a closed space, the significant amount of pressure causes the frozen water to push outward. Generally most plumbing pipes are strong enough to withstand the constant water pressure and some frozen water pressure as well. But the continuous pressure causes the pipe to lose its structural strength and weakens it gradually, eventually causing a crack that keeps on growing and weakening the pipe further till it bursts and starts to cause a flood.

Because winter may be harsh in areas that face the same, indoor plumbing must be properly insulated to prevent freezing and avoid leakage. If you have underground plumbing, make sure it is buried deep enough to stay warm or cold depending on the weather of the area you live in. If you do have problems with plumbing flooding, remember that not all disasters and cleaning can be done yourself and sometimes it is best to call in the professionals to clean up your home. However, if you do want to clean up everything yourself, follow the rules precisely to make sure optimum hygiene is maintained.

Don’t try to take up more than you can handle. Just because you feel that a DIY job will be cheaper and less challenging, it doesn’t necessarily mean so. You might end up damaging or flooding your home. What’s worse is that you might create a larger issue and something that might not even be covered in your insurance. Do what you can do without causing further damage. For instance, ask the plumber to replace old pipes, or insulate them. But in case you find any blockage, breakage or leakage, don’t hesitate to call help, rather than take matters in your own hand and cause a permanent problem that’s much worse to fix.

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